Aru Mission Station in Congo

Diguna Station Aru is located in a rural area, surrounded by a lot of nature, in the extreme northeast of the country, right on the border with Uganda. The Democratic Republic of Congo is huge, but we are a rather small team with a few permanent African and European staff. We work in partnership with the local church CECA-20 (Evangelical Church in Central Africa).


Walking through the gate of the station, you will notice the large workshop where our all-terrain vehicles are maintained and repaired. Our priority is to support and carry out evangelism work. In this way, we help bring local evangelists in small teams to remote villages to share the liberating message of Jesus Christ. Some trips can be combined with transportation of Bibles and literature and renovation of church or school buildings.

In addition, we support our partner church in the construction and maintenance of now 8 radio stations throughout the church area. The stations are called “Radio Tangazeni Kristo”, which means “Radio to announce the name of Jesus Christ”.

Furthermore, we are involved in the work among children and young people both locally and at the crusades. Weekly preparation meetings for Sunday School teachers from various churches are held at the station. In addition, a small team with changing groups of children prepares a weekly radio program for children. Our teams visit schools and prisons, show the Jesus film, and are involved in social diaconal ministries depending on opportunities and interests.

At our station we maintain a trumpet workshop. The mechanic needs a lot of skill to repair the damaged wind instruments of the evangelists. Music is an important element of community services.

In the meantime, the optics workshop has been integrated into the hospital of our partner church, which is located in the neighborhood.

The Congo is rich in mineral resources. But the country’s development is set back by various ethnic conflicts. UN peacekeepers are present in many parts of the country to stabilize the peace. The real wealth of Congo is its people, especially its many children. Christian communities in remote areas need encouragement.

We experience how through our work many people can hear about God’s love, experience it and pass it on.

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