Evangelistic outreach

In our outreach efforts, we want to reach those with God’s good news who have heard little or nothing about it.

We do not do church planting, but work with the local churches and missionaries and help them evangelize, leaving the follow-up work to them.

We go out in teams. We have 3 categories of teams:

  • Teams made up of our own Diguna employees.
  • Teams made up of students from the Discipleship Training School.
  • Organized teams from churches, Bible schools, and other organizations that we provide with transportation.

Our Diguna staff teams are made up primarily of young people, but also include adults who have attended our Discipleship Training School. Our teams go out every month for periods between 1 and 3 weeks.

Due to the nature of most of the areas where the unreached and less evangelized communities are located, we equip our teams with camping gear so they can stay and work in very remote places where the need is greatest.

Our outreaches include door-to-door or person-to-person evangelism, outdoor meetings, Christian film screenings, and community revival meetings.

We host seminars for churches or groups that need to be trained in evangelism, or discipleship seminars to help believers be rooted in the Word.

We distribute Christian literature while we are out on missions. These include Bibles, other books of Christian literature, and tracts for free distribution.

In an effort to take the Gospel to the unreached, our own staff is conducting surveys. They travel to the target areas and meet the people on the ground to determine the needs and also to find partners with whom we can work.

We also host and create programs for short-term missionaries from Europe. We facilitate their movement and stay during their mission time (e.g. Mission Active).

Our evangelistic outreach team