Church planting

It has been very effective to focus first on the men, the key figures in Turkana culture. Through the chronological telling of Bible stories under the Men’s Tree, over 20 churches have been established since 2002. The Turkana pastors that Fritz Bode took with him on the missions are now doing the work independently. Without the impulse and practical example of the missionary, the traditionally living Turkana in the hinterland would still not have been reached today.

The biblical stories fit very impressively into the life of the traditional Turkana. Tales such as “Dispute over the Water Springs among the Shepherds of Abraham,” “The Search for a Wife for Isaac,” or “The Temptation of Joseph” may have been written for the Turkana. It took 4 years for the first congregations to emerge from the men’s groups.

From the man tree to the shadow roof church

The men’s tree is reserved for men. That’s why it’s important for communities to have a place of worship where everyone can meet. We help new communities with a basic framework of steel beams and corrugated sheet metal. It is up to the community to decide if and how they want to build the side walls.

A church service in such a congregation is an unforgettable experience. The powerful singing, the accounts of what God has done in the lives of individuals, the lively, interactive preaching – all in the heat – is very impressive! When God comes into a human heart, there are positive changes. This is probably one of the greatest experiences you can have as a missionary. And at the same time the people here remain completely TURKANAs!