Children’s Mission

This branch of our work focuses on fulfilling Christ’s desire for even the youngest to know Him.

But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them! After all, the Kingdom of Heaven is meant for just such as them.”

Matthew 19:14 (NeÜ)

Through various programs, we are able to participate in this goal.

In cooperation with our neighboring schools, we have a weekly program where we can share the Word of God. We are grateful that the government here in Kenya has included this in the elementary school curriculum. We get a lesson with a counselor in each class to be able to teach the faith in an understandable way depending on the age group.

Kids Club

Every Saturday afternoon is a special time for the kids in the neighborhood. They meet at our station for a power-packed afternoon. While there, they experience a mix of God’s Word, light refreshments, outdoor games and other fun activities. We are happy when we see how the little ones get to know Jesus better and better, despite their often difficult life backgrounds.

Slum work

The “Bangladesh” slum in Nairobi is located on Magadi Street, on the banks of the Mbagathi River. There is a high percentage of broken families there. Often single mothers struggle to provide for their children in a difficult economic environment. Some siblings have to take on the role of parents. They therefore quickly slip into crime, prostitution, drug abuse and black market trade – and further illegal activities that follow.

We want to make the world a better place for the young generation in Bangladesh, however hard it may seem! With God’s help, we provide them with clothes and books and spend time with them to give them hope and God’s truth. Every Saturday morning we visit the slum and spend time with the children. Towards the end we held a Bible study with games and refreshments. It makes us so happy to see the hope in their eyes and the changes in their lives.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a program we run during school vacations. In cooperation with local churches, we offer a week of Bible lessons, crafts, as well as other fun activities at their churches.

Prison ministry

The government of Kenya has a program that serves as a rescue and detention center for minors. It is unfortunate that rescue and law enforcement do not really merge. However, we are grateful that these children receive shelter, food and education. Once a week we have the opportunity to spend a day with them. We fellowship, listen, and do basic chores.

Our team in the youth and children’s mission