Youth Mission

As the name implies, our main mission is to reach out to the younger generation by sharing the good news of Christ. We want to achieve this through various programs that specifically target young people. They all serve as tools for us to share God’s love.

The youth camp program focuses on sharing the gospel with young people and also equipping them to reach out to their peers. Over the years we have been able to reach many young people who have come to our camps: Open Camps, High School Graduation Camps and Vacation-for-Christ Camps.

Open camps

By its very name, this camp is open to Christians and non-Christians who are primarily in high school or between the ages of 15 and 25. It takes place during the vacations in April and November/December.

Camps for school graduates

This camp is held each January for those who graduated from high school the previous year or earlier, but are under the age of 25. In this camp they come for evangelism training. After that, some of them are selected to go through outreach with DIGUNA staff in different parts of Kenya at the schools.

Student Work

School teams focus on reaching young people in high schools. In partnership with local church leadership and schools in rural areas, we can have our teams hosted for weeks at a time as they visit different schools in their area, or just a weekend. This program is usually referred to as a “weekend challenge.” We talk about God’s Word, have career discussions, and have open discussion sessions with students. This is a great opportunity to connect, encourage and provide guidance. It is refreshing to see that many of the students have an interest in knowing God and dedicating themselves fully to Him even at a young age.

Our team in the youth and children’s mission