Arua Mission Station in Uganda

Arua is located in north-western Uganda, bordering Congo and South Sudan. The border with Congo is only 20 km away and with South Sudan it is about 70 km. The West Nile region is known as the poorhouse of Uganda. We are 560 km away from the capital Kampala. The “Lugbara” tribe, who live here, find it difficult to subordinate themselves to the government in Kampala.

Our station was founded in 1998, when land prices were still very favorable. The work in Congo came to a standstill due to the civil war and an alternative option was sought. The new station should be close to the Congo to continue the work there. At that time, radio work was established at DIGUNA and we partnered with the mission organization “Here is life” for the construction of a radio station. Since there are a lot of Muslims living in West Nile, radio is a very good medium to bring the “good news” also to Muslim homes. Radio work is still the heart of our station.

Every week we get to visit two prisons nearby. We preach there, but also offer the “Emmaus” faith course that inmates can take. It includes 21 booklets and provides an excellent foundation for sound Bible knowledge and development in personal faith.

The mission station Aru in the Congo is only 30 km away from us. We offer ourselves as temporary storage for their material, help with organizational means and support them where possible.

Together with a community we work in a project for street girls. Our part is to teach them various handicrafts so that they can generate an income. In addition, we provide them with pastoral care to identify trauma and bring healing with Jesus’ help.

For some time now, we have been offering financial training on a biblical basis. Most Ugandans do not learn how to handle money in the right way and this creates many kinds of problems. With training, we can help them manage better with what they have.

We also conduct discipleship seminars. Almost all Ugandans believe that God exists, but faith does not have much impact on their daily lives. Traditional ancestral beliefs and Christian beliefs are very mixed and many lack God’s Word as a foundation for their lives.

We show the Jesus Film in partnership with local churches and help other local missionaries with our well-equipped workshop and technical knowledge. In this way, we are also a blessing to others.

We are very grateful to have several Ugandan staff members at the moment. This helps us to better identify the needs of local people.

In our literature container we have a variety of tracts and flyers. We partner with other mission agencies to distribute God’s Word as effectively as possible.

According to the body of Christ, we have one head, Jesus, but many members. This is how we fulfill Jesus’ mission in Arua.

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