Lodwar is called the “city of nomads”. It is the capital of the Turkana District and has about 150,000 inhabitants. Turkana is a fascinating steppe area in northwestern Kenya. Characterized by great heat, drought and extreme poverty, few whites are drawn to this barren region.

We see ourselves in Turkana as part of the Africa Inland Church (AIC). Decisions are made jointly with Turkana leaders in the field and responsibilities are shared. We are very grateful for the good cooperation.

Our projects

Our history

  • 1979-1998

    From DIGUNA Mbagathi, mobile evangelism teams went to Turkana every year. The blue DIGUNA trucks reached many remote areas where the Gospel was not yet known. However, there was a lack of good care for the new believers.

  • 2002

    In 2002, DIGUNA missionaries came to Lodwar for the first time on a long-term basis. Fritz and Elisabeth laid a good foundation for the diverse spiritual and social work. They worked closely and successfully with local Africa Inland Church leaders from the beginning.


  • 2017

    Hailing from the Eldoret area, Stephen and Joyce Kilel moved to Lodwar in 2017. Stephen has been leading the TCCP orphan project ever since. In addition, he serves as an evangelist, teacher, and personal mentor to many youth. Joyce is responsible for the spiritual programs at our Nakuluja Primary School.

  • 2021

    Stephen Kilel becomes project manager. Bodes stepped more and more into the background from 2020 onwards for health reasons. They continue to accompany and support the work from Nairobi as best they can.


Our team in Lodwar