Kwale in Kenya

TMT (The main thing) John 3:16 is a Christian missionary program operating under the auspices of AIC DIGUNA MISSION. Our mission is to share God’s love with all people, especially Muslims from coastal Kenya. TMT Jh 3:16 is located in Maphanga village next to Maphanga Primary School (Kwale County) in coastal Kenya.

The project started in 2017. Several times before, the initiator Martin Ndolo was on the road in this area as part of the evangelistic outreaches organized by AIC DIGUNA station Mbagathi. In the process, he realized that he wanted to reach out permanently to the Duruma and Digo populations who live in the area and are predominantly Muslim. TMT John 3:16 consists of a small team of three, i.e., a married couple (Martin and Verah Ndolo) and a single man (John Mdzomba).

We work with some local churches in the area. Mainly we share the gospel on different platforms:

Use at schools

In the schools, we can share the Gospel at both the elementary and middle school levels. We offer Christian Union programs, worship services, sports activities, and counseling and mentoring.

Youth Seminars

We are invited to different churches in the area. There we tell young people about God’s good news and give them impetus to share it themselves.

Soccer Camps

During the school vacations, i.e. in April, August and November, we run several soccer camps for boys under 14. We have time to share the gospel with them and equip them with some skills they need on the field.

Youth Camp (Camp Talanta)

The camp is intended primarily for students of lower and upper secondary schools. It takes place during the vacations in November/December. We tell the participants about God’s good news and encourage them to find out and use their talents.

Social assistance

Many people in our area are not doing well. Sometimes people come to us asking for food and other daily necessities, including school fees. We can help some of them in a very practical way. But even though we are unfortunately not always able to give what they need, we at least want to make time for everyone who comes to us. We pray together and share God’s good news.

We do all this because it is how we understand God’s desire and commission for our lives. Just as our leading verse in the Bible describes in John 3:16, we love to share God’s love with others.

Our team in Kwale