Mission Headquarters Africa

Mbagathi is the mission headquarters in Africa. In cooperation with the office in Haiger we take care of many administrative tasks. The finances for all our stations and projects are centrally managed and distributed from here. Reports are also forwarded to the respective destinations. Work permits for our employees from abroad are processed from our office. This is usually an elaborate process driven by our host church, Africa Inland Church Kenya, through the immigration authorities.

From our reception, we send our English prayer messages to our various prayer partners in Africa and beyond. We accommodate many of our employees on the way to and from their work sites. This means that our guest department is busy throughout the year and even receives requests from other like-minded missionaries, partner missions and organizations. We also provide them with our conference center with a capacity of 100 people.

Time and again we receive containers from Europe and other places for our stations and other organizations, whether for spare parts, personal items or Christian literature. We also help other stations order things in Nairobi and sometimes ship the purchased goods by public transportation or our cars, depending on the individual case. We also need to keep an eye on the legal issues. For our radio team, all technical work is done here, from the fabrication of the tower elements in our workshop to the actual transport of the same.

Another area is the IT office. We take care of the backup and security of the data. We are thinking about new technical solutions to better collaborate. We provide a secure network and connection between the different stations and repair PCs for missionaries. We also make sure we have the right equipment to do so.