Practical services

At the station we have various practical works. The diverse talents of our employees allow us to act autonomously and cover several departments and workshops.

The carpentry workshop manufactures and repairs the furniture for the station and performs incidental woodwork in the apartments, offices and guest houses. We also support other mission organizations and churches.

The electrical workshop ensures that we have electricity at the station. We get our main source of power from the government; emergency power is provided by a generator, turbine, and solar array. Our electronics technicians repair all types of machines and appliances, from sandwich toasters to washing machines and iron boxes to sound systems, to ensure smooth service.

We are the kitchen team. Through the richness of our cultures, especially Kenyan and German, we experience a diversity of tastes. We cook for team members, workers, campers, DDT students and all other guests and groups. We ensure order and cleanliness in the kitchen area.

The household is an important task in every family and community. In Mbagathi we are one big family. Therefore, we have various people who make sure that our house is well maintained. Our laundry ensures that we have clean clothes, bed linen and other fabrics. In our sewing room we make clothes, mattress covers, curtains and many other things.

Welcome to the truck and car repair shop! We repair the trucks and all vehicles needed for service. In the workshop, we work together as a team to equip drivers with skills and knowledge to take care of the car while on duty.

We take care of the maintenance of the site. This includes grounds maintenance, gardening, plumbing, garbage disposal, renovation of floors, roofs and all structures. A team specifically takes care of the construction work on the station. In this way, we create a good living and working environment for team members, employees and guests.

The mobile trumpet school is located in Nairobi, in the Mathare area. Our staff is involved in training church workers for evangelism, especially in the area of music and playing brass and other instruments. We also disciple young believers and equip them in God’s Word. Since Mathare is a well-known slum, we are allowed to run mentoring programs for the youth. We also participate in door-to-door outreach as well as outdoor evangelism to share God’s love.

Our team for the practical services