Children’s home in Tinderet

The Rainbow Children’s Home in Tinderet has existed for over 20 years. In eight home groups, up to 200 children from neglected backgrounds can find a new home far away from cities and noise. It is our goal to make a life with Jesus palatable to the children and to offer them school and medical care in addition to daily food. The home groups are named after the colors of the rainbow: green, blue, orange, red, yellow, purple, pink and indigo. Up to 24 girls and boys can be accommodated in each of them, who are looked after by Christian Kenyan parents.

When selecting children, we work closely with the local youth welfare office. By court we obtain custody of children from unreasonable family circumstances. Many of our children are half-orphans or orphans.

The private elementary school attached to our children’s home, which in Kenya includes grades 1-8 in addition to the preschool, is also run by Christian teachers.

In addition to daily devotions, varied meals and a large sports and playground for active leisure activities, the children also help with the housework and gardening. In this way, they learn important work that will certainly be helpful in their later lives.

In this way, we offer the children a holistic concept and hope that one day we will be able to release them into independence with a good education and a completed vocational training. All our efforts culminate in the desire that we inspire children to live with Jesus and that they remain close to Him.

Our team at the children’s home