Haiger Mission Station in Germany

As a station in Haiger, we want to be servant supporters for our staff and stations in Africa. Primarily through administration of personnel and finances, public relations and technical support.

Our heart’s desire is that people come to know Jesus Christ.

Every year we send containers with work materials or Bibles and Christian literature to Africa. In addition, smaller items necessary for the work are brought to Africa with employees and passengers.

We go to Bible schools, churches and other community groups for youth, teens, seniors, etc. to present the DIGUNA ministry. At various conferences we have the opportunity to be present and thereby become known. Among other things, we want to gain supporters in prayer and financially, and especially co-workers who go out themselves to bring God’s love and His saving message to the people.

If people would like to receive regular updates about our work, we send them our Africa News quarterly and our Prayer News monthly.

We hold info seminars where interested people can learn more about the work. Some of them join us in Haiger as new employees after the application process has been completed to prepare for their time in Africa – the short-termers stay for a week, the long-termers for at least four months.

Last but not least, donations are administered in Haiger and forwarded to Africa. Bills need to be paid. Payroll accounting for the European employees is also done here.

How did it come about?

  • 1972

    Congo Team at Lake Starnberg

    In the summer of 1972, a small team was formed in the backyard of the Seeburg at the “Word of Life” missionary organization on Lake Starnberg, south of Munich. They repaired former German army trucks and drove them themselves the long distance down to the Congo, which was still Zaire at the time. In this way, they supported a missionary work that was active there. The “Congo team” consisted of four young Christians with practical professions.

  • 1976

    Relocation to Haiger, East Hesse

    The space on the property quickly became too small. In 1976, the company moved to Haiger in East Hesse. A family of entrepreneurs made the premises of the old HAILO factory available. The growing team found a home in the Evangelical Free Church congregation.

  • 1978

    Foundation of the Diguna e.V. and sixth Trans Africa Tour

    The project grew rapidly. For this reason, the missionary organization DIGUNA e.V. was founded in November 1978. We received recognition as a non-profit organization and charity.

    Our circle of friends also grew. Just one year later, another team with four trucks and many relief supplies traveled overland through 12 countries to Kenya, East Africa. It was the sixth Trans-Africa tour. Again and again, young people were found who were willing to help.

    As a result, a total of 22 trucks were transported from Haiger to the areas of operation in an adventurous manner.

  • 1985

    Land with some buildings

    After nine years, the space became too small for our growing team. In addition, the owner of our premises announced his own requirements. After much prayer, in April 1985 we bought a 6000 square meter plot of land with some buildings from a former glue paint factory in Haiger. This was a great step of faith. Countless friends from various congregations helped with the conversion and renovation in the following years, resulting in a beautiful center in a prime location. Again and again we thanked our God in amazement for his actions.

    People were now regularly trained and sent out here for missions in Africa. Public relations work was expanded. The team grew steadily.

  • 2020

    Approx. 200 employees in five African countries

    We have packed and shipped over 130 sea freight containers and dozens of cars in Haiger. Today (2020), the DIGUNA missionary organization coordinates and supports around 200 employees in five African countries from its headquarters in Haiger.

    DIGUNA’s tasks include mobile preaching with trucks, evangelism in schools, marketplaces and prisons as well as Bible distribution and Jesus film screenings. At the moment, more than 60 radio stations broadcast the Gospel in various programs and languages. Our stations also include several children’s homes and craft schools.

    Once a year, we invite our more than 1000 alumni to our headquarters in Haiger. Many of them have become prayer partners and supporters; they are motivated to work in churches or have founded other mission works or other projects.

Open positions

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