Bible and Discipleship Training School – DIGUNA Discipleship Training (DDT)

These evangelical churches are teeming, and new ones are being added daily. Mushrooming Churches’ is what they are called in Africa, churches that proliferate like mushrooms.

(Tagesanzeiger, 13.8.2005)

As the article testifies, new churches are being planted in Kenya every day. There are not enough trained pastors for all these churches. Many are also too small to fund a pastor.

Many churches are led by elders and evangelists. They need help to be able to teach soundly to Christians in their communities. Therefore, we offer discipleship courses in English and Kiswahili.

The DiscipleshipTraining School“DIGUNA Discipleship Training” (DDT) offers courses for such leaders. The courses are specifically tailored to their tasks and therefore emphasize the practical side of service. The course duration varies between one and ten weeks. The range of courses offered is continually adapted to the needs of the churches.

The courses are offered in Kiswahili and are open to all who:

  • Be able to read and write Kiswahili
  • real Christians are
  • Have a good reputation in their community
  • have a task in their community or are preparing for it
  • are at least 19 years old

The Discipleship Training School offers courses for all church workers (Sunday School teachers, teen and youth group leaders, etc.).
Good community leadership in Kenya means:

  • Changed lives
  • Strong, healthy families
  • Fight against poverty and corruption
  • HIV/AIDS containment
  • Peace between the tribes

Courses for school leavers

A second target group is young people who have just graduated from high school. We want to equip these people to plan and live their lives with Jesus. We show them in the Bible what it actually means to be saved. What is the goal of salvation? How can I live in communion with God? How can I live a pure life? How can I lead someone to Jesus? These are just a few examples of the topics we cover.

In addition to the Bible lessons, they learn how to use the computer. This is becoming more and more of a necessity in Kenya as Kenyans have embraced information technology in so many areas. Due to popular demand, we are offering two courses, each lasting 10 weeks.

The Discipleship Training School operates under the local denomination Africa Inland Church, Kenya. The participants are composed of different denominations and come mainly from Kenya and Tanzania.


The Discipleship School is run as a boarding school, which means that participants live and eat at the school. Participants have to pay a tuition fee that covers about 1/3 of the actual costs, the rest has to be financed by donations.

Our team in the Discipleship Training School