Sports Mission

Sport is a language spoken all over the world, in all age groups. Either you do sports yourself, or you watch, or you cheer, or you’re just a sports enthusiast. Here in DIGUNA, sports serve us as a tool to share the love of Christ.

We have a DIGUNA soccer club. Regularly we come together as a team of young men for training. Afterwards there will be time for fellowship and prayer together. We participate with our team in various leagues and tournaments. In the last County League we were awarded as the most disciplined team.

Saturday afternoon we organize DIGUNA children’s football club. There the children train together and have fellowship. DIGUNA Children’s League is held on weekends from May through June. We hold a children’s tournament in which various children’s soccer clubs participate. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy soccer and share God’s word.

Gym and fitness hall

Our station also includes a gym and fitness hall. There we can encourage each other in physical and spiritual fitness and pray together. It is very motivating to have participants who keep coming back and learn more about God over a longer period of time.

High Ropes Course

Highs and lows are part of our life’s journey. What gets us through this turbulence is hope. With the understanding that Christ is our only hope, we gain more and more confidence in Him. Various groups book our climbing tours and experience a mixture of adrenaline rush and the satisfaction of having conquered ten meters of height and nine different stations. In doing so, they hold on to a strong rope. It is their only security. This is used during a post-course briefing as a comparison for clinging to Christ. It is amazing to see people give their lives to Christ when they realize they have always been clinging to the wrong things.

Our team in the sports mission