Well construction

Water is life. Many Turkana still have to search laboriously in the steppe for water for their herds and themselves. At the end of 2011, we started drilling wells. In some we were able to annex artificially irrigated gardens.

The chance of encountering sufficient and good water in Turkana is 60-70%. Often the water is salty, even in wells over 30 meters deep. Exploratory and drilling work is carried out professionally and reliably by our partner mission “Drill for Life”.

Irrigated gardens

Turkana is an arid and famine-stricken area. For years, a wide variety of organizations have tried to keep people alive with food distribution drives.

In 2011 we began to plant gardens – a more permanent solution! Solar energy pumps the well water to the surface. Thus, gardens can be watered and yield all year round. Depending on the soil conditions, millet, various leafy vegetables and melons thrive here.

What is not needed for personal use can be sold. A garden project helps 20 extended families.